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Web Based Solutions

Lakshmi Industrial Automation provides complete Web Based Software solutions for all the customer need. End to end Web Based software solution for Data Logging and Automation in the all the fields using PLC and Embedded.

customized software applications using which you think you can increase your market share, grab the market by its scuff and want to convert them into software solutions, or require creations of your standalone Applications to Web Applications.

The Process

We have the ways and means to help you with everything from platform and database porting to maintenance and sustaining services and anything else you can think of.


We have an impeccable record of 100% client satisfaction. We like to take challenges as part of our work. We deliver the work with guarantee on time.

Time Commitment

This is very crucial part in our business. We at Lakshmi Industrial Automation know the value of time and try our best to meet the deadlines. Some of our clients have described it as our best quality.


Whatever the situation we don’t compromise on quality. You can see it yourself in our past projects. We design and develop the website according to the client taste. We provide the complex solutions in a very user friendly way.

Cost Effectiveness

We provide cost effective solutions. As we are based in India, the personnel and infrastructure cost is lower than other country.

Production Oriented

We have the capability to meet very tight deadlines. You can depend upon us for your ever going projects.

People & Skills

This is one area we are very proud of. We have some very good programmers, graphic designers and marketing people working with us.

We Are Proud Of What We Create

Mobile Optimized Web Based Software Development

Mobile optimized websites are the latest trend as more than desktop users the mobile users surf internet on their devices. The miniaturized version of your websites then prove to be a failure in the long run as the users do not want to waste their time and energy on these. Here comes the role of our company. We help you reach any and every mobile without losing the user’s attention in any way. Neither would they miss out on any important information on your website nor will they lose interest by getting exposed to the more than required information.


Customers are always the top most priority of any business entity no matter how big or small it is. Or in other words targeting upon the highest level of customer satisfaction along with attracting customers with new advancements and developments in the services is mandatory in the business.


Our company’s execution policy is based upon the following strategies which include-

Lucrative designing of the website

The design of the website has direct relationship with its popularity. As the website users have a short span of attention therefore employing elegant, provocative and attractive features on your webpage becomes compulsory. This is done in the most artistic and the intelligent way by our team of professionals and experts.

Elegant and attractive placement of the content

True and meaningful concept of attraction makes no compromises with the content or its usefulness. Thus we place the content in a way that no information is ever missed out by the users. At the same time we make sure that the users get linked direct to the desired information in a transparent manner easily as well as speedily.

User Friendly Organization

The organizational skills of our experts create design of the webpage which is user friendly. The linking also is not delayed when we design it for interactive sessions for the users. They would never have to wait for several minutes for getting the information or reaching you through the websites. It’s only a matter of seconds with our team’s expertise.

Easy modification and development

The modifications and developments are also easily done by our company. We do not believe in making any delays or hesitations when you ask for changes. It is done quickly and efficiently as per your demands and requirements.

Our mobile optimized web development services focus highly on quality in the lowest prices possible. So make no more delays and feel free enough to contact us for taking your business to higher dimensions of success and accomplishments with our services.

Web Technologies

Web, today hold the upmost priority in every domain of life. This is because entertainment, business, social activities, institutional tasks etc all make use of web for promoting their activities and for enabling their smooth and continuous flow of interaction. But this facilitator may turn out to be an obstruction if your websites are not updated and developed regularly in time. You can now take the assistance of Lakshmi Industrial Automation as it is the best service provider that is competent enough to develop your web based software regularly in time with the help of several development tools and technology.
We believe in quality service rather than money making. This work strategy positions your requirements on the top of any other objective in the deal. And for this task our company provides you with the skill of our experts and specialists. They are held responsible for each and every step of the developmental process no matter how tedious it might be. Thus no compromise is made on the quality assurance ever.
Our company leaves no tool left for your web development. The versatile approach of the developers incorporate every essential tool like CMS System, LAMP (Linux, Apache, My SQL, PHP), QR Code, Web Matrix, Web Studio, Dream Weaver etc which are amongst the most important tools that we utilize for your benefits. There are several other small and big tools like Firebug, Adobe Fireworks, Google Web Kit, Try Ruby, Mozilla Thimble etc that are online tools efficiently used by our experts in the most appropriate combinations. Only our experts are competent enough to carry out the tasks while others may fail in doing so.
The way we work is very simple yet highly effective. We follow an organizational approach so as to plan your success much in advance. We make plans according to the task and requirements of clients. It is worth mentioning that we develop customized plan for every client as common plan does not work for individual requirements. Therefore each and every plan for your website development is unique in itself and so is the set of development tools for it.
All our big and small clients have lifelong relations with us only because of the services that we provide to them. Thus you too can make the smarter decision now by hiring our services for your website development in the most efficient and cost effective manner.
We closely follow the industry standards in the designing and the development process. The design architecture, documentation and testing is strictly done keeping in mind your business goals. The interactive methodology is flexible enough keeping in mind your convenience. Our testing process is basically of two types, one is manual and the other is automated. There are various standards of the industry that can be used in software product development but we follow the best practice for you so that all your demands are efficiently met. The R&D expenditures are also optimized. We have proven our success in the process of defining the requirements of the customers. We have a professional team in the software development process and there are a number of areas we expertise in such as SQL, Crystal reports, Visual Studio, .Net Framework and the numerous platforms for .Net development. This helps us in getting the desired knowledge and flexibility in the software product developments so that your identical needs can be targeted. This is the primary goal of web and software solutions providers like The Skyware. This will make a large impact on your business tasks that are generally time-consuming and expensive. The ideas of a developer are executed keeping in mind your interest.

We are keen about delivering the exact demands. Expect to get what you exactly envision us that is our main target to fulfil the very needs and requirements of our clients. We would love it if you come to us with intriguing ideas as that what we are always waiting for! We simple adore taking up challenges and proving ourselves worthy to be called as one of the best custom mobile application developers existing today.

If you think that is all, we have not yet spoken of our respect for time and our devotion towards punctuality. We strongly believe in managing tight deadlines. Anyone can maybe come up with very brilliant work but if it is too late than it is not really of much use. Therefore we do keep this factor especially in mind and see to it that you have your application ready within the stipulated time. And yes, we are here to answer all your queries and doubts even after our work is completely done.