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Delta's Active Power Filter - APF2000 is a power filter device that can monitor load current and filter harmonics in real-time to maintain a clean line current. It monitors the load current in real-time using a current transformer and injects the exact opposite phase to the network of components that are to be filtered. It can also provide leading and lagging reactive current in real-time to improve the power factor and compensate reactive power.

  • Excellent filtering result and provides harmonics compensation up to 90%
  • Compensation for harmonic current, reactive power, power factor and load balancing
  • Advanced Modular Design: Safe, Reliable, Labor-saving
  • Provides diversified communication network and optional fieldbus cards
  • Extension interfaces for RS-232/RS-485 protocol, USB disk and Ethernet
  • Metallurgy and petrochemicals industries: rectifiers, converters, rolling mills, electric arc furnaces, medium frequency furnaces, inverters
  • Chemical and electrolysis industries: rectifiers, calcium carbide furnaces, electric soldering, inverters
  • Mechanical industries: rectifiers, rolling mills, inverters, electric arc equipment
  • Metal, paper, plastic processing and textile industries: rectifiers, rolling mills, inverters, electric arc furnaces, electric furnaces
  • Transportation industries: rectifiers and inverters for electric vehicles, electric motorcycles and metro systems
  • Automobile manufacturing industry: soldering equipment, car painting equipment, battery chargers and inverters
  • Telecommunication, medical and construction industries: Server stations, EPS, UPE, converters, chargers, inverters